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Nowadays development of new technologies and solutions happens so fast that you have got to make an effort to actually keep up with it. The team of ecx will make this effort easier and provide you with the right tools and procedures to keep up to date.

What ecx offers

Robust solutions

ecx's solutions have been tested in harsh environments and under extreme operation conditions proving their reliability

Extensible Architectures

ecx's modular approach enables that the solutions can be plugged, adapted, extended to other systems or between the same systems

Efficient Design

ecx's design is focused on keeping solutions beautiful yet efficient and powerful


Our projects and developments have a modular conception which allows them to easily integrate our solutions or systemns into the existing ones, or to build up on top of our solutions easily.


We are really proud of the easiness of use of our products, which can be translated into a great user experience and therefeore into great results achieved with opur solutions


ecx facilitates everyone's lives with the best support of the market, just reach out and we will make the best effort to solve your problems immediately

Use Cases

Customer journey in banks

Banks in Ecuador have a long waiting line (around 60 minutes). ecx's allowed two of the biggest banks to find when and why the problems escalates, so that they can reduce waiting time, while increasing other services acquisition

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Customer journey in gyms

Gyms are hard to equip, it is hard to predict and define which machines will be used the most. ecx defined and predicted which would be the most used machines in certain hours in one of the biggest gyms in Ecuador

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Datacenter management

A datacenter that counts with most of the infraestructure that industry has already in place. The challenge was how to acquire data, store, analize and predict with it. ecx solved it successfully

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Devices development

From interactive games for Quito Municipality to startup products. Get to know about external ecx's developments

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